Dentist examines xray
Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

Dentists the new frontline against domestic violence
Posted on Thursday January 18, 2018

James Cook University dentistry students learn how to recognise and respond to signs of domestic violence in their patients through an Australian-first program.

Solar-powered dental clinic opens on Vanuatu island
Posted on Sunday December 03, 2017

A solar-powered dental clinic is having a successful opening day on the remote Vanuatu island of Aneityum.

Are healthy teeth linked to a healthy heart?
Posted on Thursday November 30, 2017

If you've got inflamed gums, it probably means that you need to brush and floss your teeth more diligently. But they can also be an indicator of more serious problems.

Arts charity leader passionate about cultural rights named Tasmanian Australian of the Year
Posted on Friday November 17, 2017

Scott Rankin, co-founder of pioneering social change arts group Big hART, says he is "feeling chuffed" about being named the 2018 Tasmanian Australian of the Year.